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CPI Waterproof Switch Panels

CPI Waterproof Switch Panel

It’s not much of a stretch to take some of our panel mountable waterproof switches and package them into a custom panel that can be provided to manufacturers as a complete assembly. Many manufacturers find this more cost effective than doing the work themselves and we also become responsible for the testing and wiring of the switch and any special termination connectors, another headache removed.

CPI waterproof switches can be wired in series, parallel, or left as individual circuits. You have the option of specifying almost any variation of our switches including momentary closure, maintained contact or rocker switches.

Additionally our switch panels come in 3 standard sizes, suitable for many applications off the shelf, but custom panels are always an option.

E1333 K1109 E1058
waterproof switch panel Compact waterproof switch panel
  • Close button orientation
  • Integral PEM nut for easy install
  • Wide button orientation
  • Slotted Mounting holes
  • Large area for added graphics
  • Flush mount or surface mount
  • Compact design.

All our panel mounted switches are designed for waterproof durability. The internal switching mechanism for these switches is a snap-action copper sine blade spring with a riveted contact. The standard contact material is silver alloy with gold alloy and gold plated silver contacts available upon request.

CPI Pendant Switch - Wateproof Momentary Switch

Give us your Spec, We’ll give you a panel

With so many customizable features, our waterproof switch panels can be perfectly tailored both electrically and mechanically to exactly what you need.

Terminations – We can provide both raw leads and terminated cable in any length you need, so no cutting or soldering is necessary. Variations include dual panel waterproof switch special color coded wire, BUNA-N, coil cords, and variable wire gauges. Connectors, wire markers and sleeving may also be specified. Whatever you require, you will receive a complete tested harness assembly from CPI done economically, without needing to involve a 3rd party harnessing house.

Button Heights – CPI switches come in low, medium and high button heights as well, insuring the perfect tactile response in your application.

Applications for CPI Waterproof Switch Panels

  • Recreational Watercraft
  • Work Boats
  • Manual Alarm Activation
  • Dump Body Controls
  • Trash Compactor Controls
  • Liftgate Controls
  • Power On/Off Applications

And so many more.  Contact us today to discus whether a panel solution is right for your application.

Make The "Switch" to CPI

If your momentary switch application demands high performance, we think you should demand CPI. Please call us today to speak with our engineering team about your needs.

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