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Commercial Turf Equipment Runs With CPI Switches.

Commercial Turf Equipment Uses CPI Switches

Hate mowing your large lawn? Have no time to get out there regularly to keep the grass from going to seed?  Then do what millions of Americans do and throw a little money at the problem by hiring a landscaping company to do it. Instead of walking your home mower around your yard in between running the kids to soccer practice and getting the car serviced and going going slowly deaf in the process, pay a landscaper to come take care of it with one of his huge, super efficient ride-on mowers.

These aren’t your average pieces of turf equipment found in home depot mind you. These commercial mowers pack a host of careful engineering and design considerations as well as needing to be functional in the tough, wet, and abusive outdoor environment that your lawn inhabits.

A perfect environment for a CPI waterproof switch actually…

CPI Waterproof Limit Switches for Outdoor Commercial Mowers.

When Walker Mower came to us they were frustrated. In their original design they had specified cheap sealed limit switches for three separate functions inside their mower design. Problem is that the switches weren’t really uh…”sealed” and during standard outdoor usage and during “washdown” operations the switches had an annoying tendency to fail.

Walker had four critical applications for a reliable waterproof limit switch in the commercial mower line that needed immediate replacement and improvement.

  1. Operator Presence Detection. Its pretty important that your high power commercial mower doesn’t start running around the yard on its own. Our E1283-01 limit switch has seen thousands of deployments as a “dead mans switch”, insuring that drive operation is defeated when no operator is present.
  2. Neutral Safety Switch. In this design our E1092 senses the mower is in the neutral position, performing a safety shutoff/disable function.
  3. Power Take Off (PTO switch) – In this system, a hand operated lever triggers Waterproof-Limit-Switch-CPI E1 Seriesour switch which then allows the mower blades to be engaged. Our E112 switch has been used in this application many times because of its reliable operation over a long period of heavy usage.
  4. Grass Pack Switch. Located in the grass hopper behind the driver, our B5151 switch is attached to a flexible arm that detects when the hopper is full by sounding an alarm.

Cool right?

CPI Waterproof Limit Switches and Commercial Turf Equipment were made for Each Other.

In addition to the proven robustness of our truly waterproof switch designs another appealing factor to Walker Mower was the adjustability of our switches. Because of our 70 year history in switch manufacturing, there isn’t anything we don’t know about the tradeoffs of making exactly the switch you want. Things like pre-travel, over-travel, actuation depth, and electrical parameters can all be specified.  Our flexible mounting configurations means that it is probably you will not have to custom design a mounting. But if you do, we can do that.

In the world of commercial turf equipment and commercial mower design, there is no better partner than CPI for switches that work right the first time and keep on working.

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