Hi-Endurance Switching, Sensing
& Linear Position Sensors

Military Vehicle and Law Enforcement

Since 1946, CPI has been providing thermal and waterproof switches to the military & law enforcement industries from tanks to armored personnel carriers to shotgun forend light switches. We have over 100 National Stock Numbers (NSN), QPL, USATAC and MS items in our catalog.

View our Switches and Military Vehicle Programs sheet (5MB PDF) showing some of our past and present military vehicle applications.

With numerous options available, it’s easy to adapt our commercial products for military applications by simple addition of MIL-compliant components or alterations.

The list below is just a sample of the dozens of applications for which our switches are used.

MIL-Compliant Features

  • Switches meet or exceed MS 39058, MIL-STD-202, MIL-F-13927, MIL-S-13484 (waterproof); MIL-STD-810 (thermal)
  • Operation temperatures down to -65°F
  • Commercial and MIL sealed terminations available
  • Custom ID tags and marking available
  • All products are classified COTS

Military vehicle and law enforcement applications include:

Make The "Switch" to CPI

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