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Magnetostrictive Transducer Replaced by New Linear Position Sensor

By Mac Stuhler

Magnetostrictive Transducers are known for their extreme accuracy. Magnetostrictive transducer applications include position sensing in precision laboratory equipment, various types of production machinery and automation.


These transducers are also known for:

  • high costs
  • fragile construction
  • installation difficulty

An Alternative That’s Easy to Install

CPI’s SL Series transducers pick up where magnetostrictive transducers leave off. Besides being much more robust to harsh environments than magnetostrictive sensors, SL Series transducers install easily with no rod drilling required. CPI’s SL Series transducers have no end-of-stroke dead zone, unlike magnetostrictive transducers, and one SL Series transducer can be used for any stroke length application.

For the first time ever, with SL Series transducers, it is now possible to install an absolute linear position transducer into a telescoping hydraulic cylinder. SL Series sensors are also ideal for sensing the charge state of hydraulic piston accumulators.

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