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Linear displacement transducer isn’t limited by stroke…(Hydraulics & Pneumatics Magazine)

“One of the challenges with most linear displacement transducers (LDTs) for measuring hydraulic cylinder position is that the stroke must be known when the sensor is ordered. Furthermore, in-cylinder mounting generally requires gun-drilling the cylinder’s piston rod and mounting a magnet to the piston, both of which add to the final cost of the cylinder.”

An alternative to conventional in-cylinder mounting is offered by Control Products Inc.”

“…does not require gun drilling of the piston rod” “….works in double rod and telescoping cylinders.”

“…easy installation because all that’s needed is to attach the cable to the cylinder’s piston, thread one hose end into an 18 mm or #8 SAE port in the cylinder, then mount the housing to machine framework of the cylinder itself. The transducer is currently available in four models to accommodate a variety of applications with cylinder strokes to 120 in.

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