Hi-Endurance Switching, Sensing
& Linear Position Sensors

 Switching Products & LVDT Position Sensors

Since 1946, CPI has been making control and switch products for a wide variety of markets where demanding applications require reliability and endurance. Everything we make is designed to handle the toughest most extreme duty operations in the world. This characteristic is a common thread that runs through all four of our product lines:

Linear Position Sensors

linear_slider CPI Linear Position Sensors provide reliable and accurate position sensing in virtually any hydraulic cylinder — including telescoping models, with no core drilling of the rod and no limit to cylinder bore size. Our sensors are also suitable for piston accumulators, their versatility allows them to be mounted on the gas or oil side.


Waterproof Switches

waterproof_sliderCPI Waterproof Switches perform flawlessly under severe environmental conditions where traditional splashproof, weatherproof, or wash-down resistant sealed switches cannot compete. For reliable operation under exposure to water, oil, humidity, sand, dirt, vibration, shock, and temperature, CPI’w waterproof switches get the job done.


Thermal Switches

thermal-sliderCPI thermal switches are well suited for industrial, military, and other extreme applications that require the utmost in reliable electromechanical control and safety performance. They can perform to tight tolerances and programmable set points up to 1750F. Our thermal Switches fall into three categories, based on sensitivity and temperature profiles, each suitable for a wide variety of applications.


Make The "Switch" to CPI

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