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LVDT Based Harsh Duty Linear Position Sensors

LVDT Based Harsh Duty Linear Position Sensors

With the Introduction of the CPI SL2000-6000 series of sensors, hydraulic system designers now have a harsh duty linear position sensor option that is unique in the industry. The SL2000-6000 products combine two proven technologies into a sensor system that has full intrinsic safety ratings for both the Americas and Europe.

  1. AEC-EX Safety Rated – CPI sensors meet all European Union regulations that are designed to ensure the safety of products being used in explosive environments.
  2. IECEx Safety Rated. IECEX is an international certification accepted in several countries. CPI fully meets the latest directives of this standard insuring compliance for use in dangerous environments and explosive atmospheres.

Having both directives satisfied insures that CPI sensors will meet all country legal and safety requirements wherever it is deployed, saving OEM’s time, and the expense of qualification cycles.

These intrinsic safety ratings make the sensor perfect for topside hazardous locations as well. Our advanced harsh duty draw wire mechanisms work together with short probe magnetostrictive transducers to provide a solution to long stroke, harsh duty hydraulic cylinder piston position measurement that is better in every way than the sum of its parts. Additionally the sensor configuration can be made “waterproof” and has been qualified to depths of 3000M operating in open seawater.

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