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CPI Intrinsic Safety Rated Linear Position Sensors

CPI Harsh Duty Position Sensors are Safety Rated for Critical Deployments

With the Introduction of the CPI SL2000-6000 series of sensors, hydraulic system designers now have a harsh duty linear position sensor option that is unique in the industry. The SL2000-6000 products combine two proven technologies into a sensor system that has full intrinsic safety ratings for both the Americas and Europe:

The common characteristics of our harsh duty draw wire position sensors include:

  1. The draw wire assembly is CPI’s patented linear-to-rotary-to-linear design, which is a highly evolved, extremely accurate mechanism. Completely vented, the sensor will operate within the high pressure environment of hydraulic cylinders / piston accumulators, as well as the harshest outdoor environments, even submerged in sea water.
  2. The core sensing technology is a short-probe magnetostrictive sensor. These are extremely accurate, proven non-contacting sensors, which have decades of product development supporting a myriad of agency approvals and product configurations.

Applications That Typically Require Intrinsic Safety Certification

Oil & gas – on-shore – Refineries – valve control, tank motion monitoring

Oil& gas – Off-shore – Heave compensation actuators and piston accumulators

Mining- mining car launch cylinder sensor, valve actuator control

Agriculture- Grain silos – level monitoring

Industrial- Paint spray booth, chemical factories injector actuators

Nuclear- Valve actuator control

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