Hi-Endurance Switching, Sensing
& Linear Position Sensors

Industrial Mobile Equipment

If you’re looking for a compact, waterproof, dustproof, and economical switch that can provide years of trouble-free service, our industrial-grade waterproof momentary switches and E1 Series stainless limit switches will do just that. Each switch has been designed to meet or exceed IP68 and coupled with a sealed connector (we offer Deutsch, Weatherpak, and SureSeal among others) provides a fully-sealed assembly.

Each switch is designed and manufactured in our USA plant, where we have been located since 1946. Our Regional Project Managers will work with you on matching your specific application requirements with the best CPI solution. Custom wire length, marking, and harnessing are just some of the basic add-ons we can provide.

General Product Features

  • Integral SAE J1128 wire leads (18AWG GXL insulation; individual leads only)
  • IP68 rated waterproof / dustproof
  • -65F to 221F operating temperature (depending on momentary switch cover material)
  • Over 5 million electromechanical cycles possible (depending on electrical load and mechanical requirements)
  • E1 Limit brackets are all-stainless construction (type 304 typical)

Customizations Available

  • Wire and cable lengths
  • Wire treatments: wire abrasion protection, marking, labeling, etc
  • Wire colors
  • Weatherpak / Metripak, Deutsch connectors and other terminations
  • Spring & bracket modifications or new design

Our Most Popular Products for Industrial Mobile Equipment

Industrial Mobile Applications Include:

  • Back-up Alarm Switch
  • Brake Over-Temp Warning
  • Cab Closed Interlock Switch
  • Door Interlock
  • Door Switch
  • Dump Body Detect Switch
  • Horn Switch
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Position Sensor
  • Hydraulic Jack Position Sensor
  • Idle Validation Switch
  • Lift Up/Down Control
  • Operator Presence Switch
  • Outrigger Position Sensing
  • Park Brake Switch
  • Remote Horn Signal Switch
  • Return to Dig Limit Switch
  • Seat Position Switch
  • Wiper Interlock Switch

Make The "Switch" to CPI

If your momentary switch application demands high performance, we think you should demand CPI. Please call us today to speak with our engineering team about your needs.

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