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High Endurance Start Switches by Control Products Inc.

Commercial Turf Equipment Uses CPI SwitchesCPI’s line of J4 Series Plunger switches are used as start switches in thousands of vehicles and machines across many industries where solid waterproof operation under vibration and temperature are a key concern. These switches are engineered for extremely high electromechanical endurance having acheived ratings of over 5 million cycles before failure. Electrical characteristics (SPST, SPDT etc.), lead lengths and mounting options are all specifiable with many many options as stock parts.

Another reason our switches are used in preference to commodity grade start switches has to do with their extended temperature capability. For manufacturers deploying in extreme heat and cold, our switches can operate at 220F or as low as -65F when using our proprietary neoprene sealing process.

All our switch products are designed and manufactured in the USA.

Genset for Oil Rig Uses CPI Start Switch

Applications for CPI Start switches include:

  • Electric Power Generators (GenSets)
  • Oil Rig power and backup systems
  • Commercial Turf Equipment
  • Work Trucks & Emergency Vehicles
  • Cranes and Winches
  • Commercial Food Processing Equipment
  • Commercial Marine Equipment
  • Chemical Manufacturing Process Control
  • Construction Vehicles

Highlights of CPI J4 Series in Starter Switch Applications

For engineers looking for the higher quality solution to start switch part selection, there are a number of differentiators that make our switch unique in the marketplace

  1. Truly Waterproof – CPI plunger switches are truly waterproof, not just “water-resistant” or “splash proof”. This is owing to their unique double seal design that maintains integrity during depression and also keeps our switch free from the effects of dust, wind, sand, and even  pressure washing.
  2. Sealed switches provide extended temperature operations. – With our proprietary manufacturing process our sealed switches can operate flawlessly at both ends of the temperature spectrum, from -50F all the way to 220F without freezing up or early burn out even under heavy duty cycles. Deploying your equipment in Antartica?  No problem, our Neoprene switches extend the low end all the way down to -65F
  3. High Electromechanical Endurance. Normal CPI switches rated at 5A of resistive load can be specified with extended life features that have allowed them to achieve five million cycles of electromechanical endurance under normal operation.
  4. High Current Capabilities. CPI manufactures switch variations that can handle up to 15A of resistive load while still maintaining endurance ratings of over 25,000 cycles.
  5. Flexible Mounting and Electrical Options – Off the shelf parts come in a wide variety of mounting and electrical configurations with configurable lead lengths.  Chances are one is right for your application without modification. We also carry switch panel mounts or you can just have us make the entire panel for you saving time and engineering headache.

The CPI Value Proposition.

If you consider the world of robust, high endurance switches, CPI is one of the most cost competitive solutions in production volumes. In addition we make a difference in all the in-warranty or mission critical repairs that you are not doing, because you’ve specified a switch that is one of the highest performing, highest endurance designs in the world.

All CPI switches are designed and manufactured in the USA.

Get Started With CPI Waterproof Start Switches

If you think your application is robust enough for our start switches, give us a call and we can tell you exactly what you need, and provide you samples as required. If you need a customization, we can do that, we’ve been doing it for the military and large and small industrial manufacturers for over 70 years.

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