Return to Dig Limit Switch

E1105 Limit Switch

Mounted outside of the backhoe loader, the return-to-dig switch allows operation of the backhoe once the front bucket has achieved a certain position. The E1105 Limit Switch is an all-stainless construction and contains one of our Waterproof Momentary Switch (B9 Series). A number of wire treatments and sealed connections are available for protection against wire abrasion and water / dust ingress (IP68 rated). 

Product Features

  • All-stainless steel bracket with a Delrin 500 roller
  • 2 mounting holes with integral PEM clinch nuts
  • Approximately 1/2″ of total travel
  • IP68 rated (see our Waterproof Momentary Switches, Pendants for more details and specifications)
  • NO, NC, and SPDT circuitry available
  • Variable wire or cable lengths from a few inches to several feet


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