Hi-Endurance Switching, Sensing
& Linear Position Sensors

CPI SnapStat® Switches Sealed in ULTEM for Extreme Resistance to E&M

CPI now offers the same reliable performance from 0f to 300F in its SnapStat line of standalone thermal switches, in a high dielectric strength model, allowing them to perform in field strengths of up to 5000 V/M.

The AD 19X series still provides the vibration-proof double snap action of our original SnapStat series but is sealed in ULTEM, an amorphous polyethermide thermoplastic with an extremely low dielectric constant.

Applications for the switches include electric vehicle wireless charging stations, oil temperature sensors in boats and airplanes, Electric Trains, power distribution systems and generators.  The switches are perfect for any thermal sensing application where E&M is a concern, and standalone thermal switch operation is required.

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