X1015 – Close-On-Rise (SPST), 1/2-20UNF-3A Thread

In our Rod & Tube bimetal Thermal Switch products, contact movement is achieved via differences in the coefficients of expansion of two materials, in this case the outer tube and the inner rod. This family of switches is chracterized by very rapid response time and very high temperature sensing.

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  • SPST, slow make-and-break expanding rod sensing element
  • Setpoint Range: 0F - 350F (-17C - 177C)
  • Setpoint Tolerance: setpoint dependent
  • Stainless-steel and inconel construction
  • MS27034H10B5C9 glass-sealed connector
  • Probe lengths available from 2.25" - 5.00" (4" max. setpoints 435F - 850F)


Other X1 switch configurations with 1/2-20UNF-3A threads & screw terminals:

X1009 = close-on-rise
X1010 = close-on-fall
X1031 = open-on-fall
X1032 = open-on-rise