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CPI RPG Defense System Patent Information

CPI holds several approved US patents for its RPG defense system. They include patents for the rotating turret technology, its deployment on both land and hovering aircraft, and notional designs for specific munitions meant to be used with the system.

Patent information is filed with the library of congress and can be downloaded below.

Patent Number: US 8,399,816 B2 “Rocket Propelled Barrier Defense System”

The system uses small solid-fueled rockets to pull one or more barriers into the pathway of an oncoming RPG or missile. The barrier is designed to intercept and defeat the RPG, and prevent it from reaching its target.

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Patent Number: US 8,399,816 B2
“Rocket Propelled Barrier Defense System”


Patent Number: US 8,122,810 B2  “Rocket Propelled Barrier Defense System”

Each RTB launch pod provides a Zone of coverage.
The actual RTB projectile does not need to precisely intercept
the incoming munition. Furthermore, the launch of several
RTB projectiles in a pattern toward the path of the incoming
threat will provide a very high likelihood of interception.

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Patent Number: US 8,122,810 B2
“Rocket Propelled Barrier Defense System”


Patent Number: US 8,536,500  B2  “System and Method for Rapid Aiming and Firing of Defense Countermeasures

Providing an aiming and firing system that covers 360 degrees of azimuth and a substantial elevation coverage while providing very fast aiming throughout this range of coverage.

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Patent Number: US 8,536,500  B2
System and Method for Rapid Aiming and Firing of Defense Countermeasures

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