E1008 Surface Bracket for Momentary Switches

CPI’s line of E1 Series brackets provide easy mounting solutions in a non-corrosive stainless steel enclosure for our B Series Momentary and K Series Rocker Waterproof Switches.

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  • Type 302 / 304 stainless steel
  • Used with any of our B Series Momentary Waterproof Switches
  • Reverse mount: E1005


All of our B Series Momentary Waterproof Switches can be supplied with an E1 Series bracket. From simple mounting brackets to brackets with actuators (for limit switch applications), we can help simplify mounting of our switches.

Each bracket and switch comes as a two-piece assembly with the bracket cover and bottom plate held together by spot weld.

The flat face of the E1008 allows for easy installation under panels and other mounting surfaces where visibility of only the switch button is desired.

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