High Endurance Waterproof Switch, SPDT Extended Lever Actuator, E1264


This industrial grade switch assembly is used in a variety of limit switch, or safety switch applications like door or hood open/closed detection or determining when a mechanical assembly has reached the limit of its travel, such as an outrigger deployment. It boasts a small form factor for such a robust switch and comes in either right left left angle mounting options. Both  2 or 3 wire versions are available and can be ordered with special termination and custom length cords. Standard is 24 inches.

This switch/bracket combination can be designed to meet operational standards for military use (B2 series) as well as heavy duty industrial applications (B3 thru B9 series). Parameters such as travel length, current rating, and electromechanical endurance are customizable. CPI has achieved endurance qualifications over 1 million cycles with this basic lever actuator limit switch design.