R3004 – Bimetal Thermal Switch, Close-on-Fall, 1/8-27NPTF thread

Our PlugStat Series of close tolerance, bimetal thermal switches act as a robust and accurate temperature control switch in a wide variety of thermal control systems.

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  • SPST C/F, slow make-and-break, bimetal sensing element
  • Setpoint Range: 0F - 500F (-17C - 260C)
  • +/-5F tolerance standard
  • Differential (norm): 0F-5F (0C-2.8C)
  • All-stainless steel construction (except epoxy fill over wire connections)
  • Integral Teflon wires
  • Hermetically sealed design

Other R3 switch configurations with 3/8-24UNF-3A threads:

R3001 = close-on-rise
R3002 = close-on-fall

Other R3 switch configurations with 1/8-27 NPTF threads:

R3003 = close-on-rise
R3005 = open-on-rise

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