SL1200 Linear Position Sensor – 120″ (3 Meters)

When Magnetostrictive sensors fail, our product is a form-fit-function replacement at both the cylinder, and the electronic interface.

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  • 120 inch (3 meters) sensing range
  • High shock and vibration immunity
  • One sensor works for any stroke length within sensing range
  • Non-contacting core sensing technology
  • Rugged steel enclosure (withstands up to 5000psi)
  • View the SL1200 Data Sheet

Remote sensor for hydraulic cylinders and accumulators — What we’ve done is simply mount our SL Series sensor core into a pressure vessel, which can be remote mounted. The cable passes through a conduit made from standard hydraulic hose, which attaches to a standard #8 SAE O-ring port.  The cable connector (pictured below) screws into a 5/16 blind hole in your piston rod or accumulator piston.
The standard cable attachment shown incorporates an internal shock absorber to prevent cable breakage due to rapid piston acceleration.

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