SL0391 Linear Position Sensor Magnetostrictive Replacement – 40″ (1 meter)

When Magnetostrictive sensors fail, our product is a form-fit-function replacement at both the cylinder, and the electronic interface.

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  • Installs in place of magnetostrictive sensors in minutes -- Drop-in Replacement -- (see video)
  • 40 inch sensing range
  • One sensor works for any stroke length within sensing range
  • Non-contacting core sensing technology
  • Rugged steel enclosure (withstands up to 5000psi)

Magnetostrictive Sensor Direct Replacement / Where rod-type sensors fail, this product is a drop-in replacement.  A single part number covers all stroke lengths up to 40€.  A patented self-locking cable connector installs into the gun-drilled rod and the flexible conduit screws into the existing sensor port (typically 18mm or #8 SAE O ring port), facilitating field replacement of rod-type sensors.

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