SL1500 Long Stroke Linear Position Sensor / High Endurance – 50 ft (15 Meters)

The SL1500 represents one of the most hardened sensor designs in the world, deployed on critical subsea applications where highly corrosive oxygenated seawater is the norm. Perfect for control subsea of Riser/Tensioner system, platform stabilization hydraulics or used for charge sensing on hydraulic accumulators. The SL1500 is the only sensor in the world specifically hardened for long term underwater use in these and other critical, yet corrosive environments.

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  • 0"-600" (50 ft. / 15 meters)
  • Capable of subsea deployment down to 10,000 feet
  • Highly shock and vibration resistant
  • LVDT transducer and no internal circuitry means high EMI immunity
  • LVDT implementation is a completely non contacting core sensing technology
  • Rugged, completely sealed steel enclosure
  • Optional redundant power springs and special engineered materials for increased resistance to specific environments


The core sensing technology in the SL1500 like all our sensors, is an LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer).  Using our patented Linear to Rotary to Linear differential we are able to translate the large motion of long stroke cylinders into a small displacement measurable by our LVDT with high accuracy.

Our SL series and especially our SL1500, represent a mature class of sensors that are field proven in the high pressure hydraulic environment. This completely non-contacting technology is then hardened for specific environmental requirements allowing it to virtually last forever making it the only sensor in the world specifically designed for the needs of high endurance applications whether on the land, or under the sea.

Both ATEX and IEC-EX certifications are pending.

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