SL1290 – Internal-Mount Linear Position Sensor – 120″ (3 meters)

A unique linear to rotary to linear coupling allows our LVDT based position sensor to pose a non-contacting solution to the creation of smart cylinders and hydraulic accumulators.

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  • 0"-120" (10 ft / 3 meters) measuring range
  • No core-drilling of rod required
  • Non-contacting Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) sensor technology
  • Sensor resides completely within the cylinder
  • For use in standard and telescoping cylinders
  • Please consult factory for longer stroke lengths
  • View the SL1290 Data Sheet

SL Series linear position sensors are based on a patented technology that couples the translation of a hydraulic cylinder to a non-contacting sensor element.  With a sensing ranged up to 120″, these sensors are more robust than any other internally-mounted sensors available today.  Utilizing an extremely accurate non-contacting core sensor, the SL1290 provides long life without any degradation in performance.

Our SL Series sensors are unique in that they can be used in not only single-acting piston cylinders, but telescopic cylinders as well. The variable stroke-sensing capability allows a single sensor design to be used for various stroke cylinders.

Mounting the sensor within the cylinder requires some modification of the cylinder. Contact  us for installation details.

The sensor electronics cabling interfaces with our SC451 Signal Conditioner Connector that resides on the outside of the cylinder and comes with an integral 4-conductor cable. We suggest using the SC240 Signal Conditioner with the SC451 for our sensors. However, for customers that prefer not to or cannot use a DIN rail mount device, we can provide a simple 0-5V output signal conditioner within our SC connector. Contact us for more information.

Signal Conditioner

A perfect compliment to our SL products is the SC240 DIN-3 rail mount signal conditioner (by Macro Sensors). This conditioner provides several output options and an easy pushbutton setup.

LVC-4000 Data sheet (PDF)

LVC-4000 User Manual (PDF)

Download the corresponding CPI drawing SC240 (PDF)

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