Marine Boat Lift Reaches a New Low, with CPI Switches

On a beautiful sunny day not too long ago, Raptor Lifts founder Jeff Troester figured it was a great day to load the family into the car and take the boat out on the lake. After spending the requisite 2 hours getting kids, towels, sunscreen, life jackets, snacks etc… together the family headed out. They all got to the dock and loaded up the boat into the lift and lowered it, only to discover they were


Gravel Grinder Bike Racers Reach Out To CPI

I know what you’re thinking… What the heck is a Gravel Grinder race?  We had to consult the internet too when this application first came to our attention, but it turns out that Gravel Racing is one of the fastest growing bicycle race sports in the country. Unlike the Tour-de-France, gravel bike racers don’t have a van with a team following them, sponsors, or the lure of big prize money. Terrain can be a combination of


What Is An Electromechanical Limit Switch?

In the broadest sense, a limit switch is an electromechanical device designed to detect the presence or absence of another physical object, usually a piece of machinery that moves or travels. Perhaps one of the best ways to understand limit switches at a high level is through the many applications they have in the real world.

  1. Detect when a car or garage door is open or closed.
  2. Detect when a door to a vehicle is not fully closed


What is a Micro Switch?

So called “Micro Switches” have been around for many years and are made by a large variety of manufacturers.  While the Micro Switch trademark is owned by Honeywell (who did not invent it, merely purchased it...), it has become part of the vernacular and is often used to refer to any small form factor, snap action switch.

How does a Micro Switch Work?

The operation of a micro-switch is characterized by the fact that a very small force