CPI Switches Solve Problems for Work Trucks

CPI switches continue to see broad acceptance across the work truck industry, for applications where manufacturers are just tired of dealing with switch failures or unreliability in the field. Work trucks have a few operational characteristics that make switch toughness and reliability a key consideration.

  1. Most work trucks operate continuously or at least for long hours every day, racking up wear and tear faster than other types of vehicles.
  2. Works


Limit Switch Unlimited Uses – Part 2

The second part in our continuing series on CPI Limit Switch applications highlights a few of the extreme duty deployments where harsh outdoor conditions, high vibration, and heavy usage are the norm. Many of these kinds of implementations can be categorized as “Safety Switch” applications. The reliable performance of the switch is critical for protecting man, machine, or both.

Applications For CPI’s Safety Limit Switch

Commercial Lawnmower “deck down” application – In this application, our J4 style


Taking Limit Switches to the Limit

Applications for CPI limit switches are often safety related or critical to the performance of a machine where failure would be catastrophic. (or catastrophically expensive to fix…) waterproof limit switch - E1 SeriesAdd requirements such as 5 million electro-mechanical cycles, precise actuation points, and a hostile operational environment and you’ve found a home for a CPI limit switch. Typically customers seek us out for a difficult application where