CPI Switches Won’t Kick The Bucket On Bucket Trucks

In vehicles requiring added stability during operation such as cranes, bucket trucks, backhoe’s, fire trucks, and all kinds of powered lifts, it is common to use an outrigger mechanism.  Typically, hydraulic, outriggers can provide additional “legs” to a vehicle, making it less likely that extreme loads at odd angles will create a situation where both man and material is put in jeopardy. fire truck outrigger safety limit switch Read More...

Outrigger Switches for Utility Trucks and Boom Loaders

Outrigger supports are a critical part of the safety proposition on all kinds of commercial vehicles. A short list of trucks and vehicles that employ outriggers includes:

  • Bucket Loader trucks that carry servicemen to the top of the telephone poleOutrigger limit switches for safety by CPI with an extensible boom.
  • Backhoe/Loaders that must deploy the outriggers for stability during digging operations.
  • Fire Engines deploy outriggers to stabilize the truck