Why the Military Trusts CPI Switches

Despite the economic roller coaster driving procurement and buying challenges around the globe, it turns out the defense of the nation is an area that can’t wait for an inconvenient pandemic to be over. Programs in the works for upgrades to existing hardware, new weapon systems, military IT infrastructure, and cyber security continue largely unabated. CPI continues to be a preferred, USA based, DOD vendor for switch and sensor solutions into this market, especially where other


Hardened Electro-Mechanical Switches for Military Vehicle Applications

For over 70 years, CPI has been providing thermal and waterproof switches to the military & law enforcement industries in a wide variety of applications. There are a few major reasons the military comes to us for their toughest switch applications.

  • All CPI switch products are designed for extreme durability, are waterproof, and have extreme electro-mechanical endurance ratings.
  • All CPI switches are made in the USA
  • Our switches meet or exceed MS 39058, MIL-STD-202, MIL-F-13927,


CPI Waterproof Switch Applications for Military Vehicles.

CPI has a long history of providing switching solutions to friendly military operations in the US and across the globe. In fact our first switching solutions back in 1946 were targeted at the military aircraft of the day. Since then our line of waterproof switches, and thermal switches have found a home in light tactical vehicles, military construction vehicles and transports, avionics bays, ships, weapon systems, even submarine’s, wherever durability and reliability are paramount design