CPI Switches Solve Problems for Work Trucks

CPI switches continue to see broad acceptance across the work truck industry, for applications where manufacturers are just tired of dealing with switch failures or unreliability in the field. Work trucks have a few operational characteristics that make switch toughness and reliability a key consideration.

  1. Most work trucks operate continuously or at least for long hours every day, racking up wear and tear faster than other types of vehicles.
  2. Works


Lift Controls Reach New Heights With CPI Switches.

One of the more overlooked uses of CPI’s line of waterproof limit switches may be its selection for a wide variety of outdoor, harsh duty lift activation systems. These systems have a number of attributes that make CPI waterproof pendant switches a perfect solution:

  1. Lift switches are often hand actuated by humans.
  2. The switches are exposed to outdoor conditions of wind, dust, oil splashes or heavy rain or salt spray.
  3. The switches are