Draw Wire Sensors for Harsh Duty?

Here at CPI we’ve developed a name for ourselves when it comes to precision engineered draw wire sensors, made for harsh duty applications. Sensors like our SL1200 draw wire position sensor get the job when other sensors just don't survive. But “harsh duty” appears to be an overused term, at least in the hydraulic linear position sensor industry. Recently some of our competitors have touted their “harsh duty” sensors in a variety of really scary(?) applications.

  1. Elevator


Draw Wire Sensors Revisited

In ancient times when cave men were trying to measure the linear displacement of things they cleverly came up with something called a "String Pot".  Using only stone knives and bearskins, they were able to cobble together a spool with some "string" and attach it to the object whose position was to be measured. Then with a simple potentiometer (resister) attached to a wiper, they could measure variable resistance (voltage) as an indication of position. But