Heave Compensation Systems for Offshore Drilling

As oilfield engineering enjoys a resurgence of interest and investment, companies continue to look to advancements in technology to both reduce costs, and improve the safety of offshore drilling operations. In particular, active heave compensation systems use advanced hydraulic cylinders and accumulators to achieve a


Motion Compensation System Hydraulics Can Get A Whole Lot Smarter.

The environment in which the search for oil is conducted beneath the surface of the seas is ever changing and often treacherous. It changes constantly due to the ebb and flow of the surface of the water and operation during inclement weather can be particularly


A New Angle On Linear Position Sensing

Those of you following our blog for the last few years, already know a few things about our linear position sensor products:

  1. They are based on a sophisticated re-implementation of the draw-wire class of linear position measurement systems, proven in thousands of applications over