About Mac Stuhler

Mac Stuhler is the Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Control Products Inc.

CPI Thermals Take the Heat in Military Vehicles.

While change often comes slowly in the vast military industrial complex, there’s often good reason for that. That’s at least partly because battlefield conditions continue to dictate many of the same unique and complex operating requirements for vehicles, machines, guns, and support equipment that they always have. Survivability of man and machine in forward areas continues to drive extreme requirements back into electronic components and subassemblies related to durability, high performance and accuracy, extended operating


The SL6000 Subsea Draw Wire Breaks the 100 Ft Barrier

Engineering Marvel - The CPI SL6000 30 Meter Hardened Linear Position Sensor

Since the introduction of our SL series hardened draw-wire Linear Position Sensors almost 20 years ago, we’ve learned a lot about long stroke hydraulics from our hydraulic cylinder manufactures. Our first sensor product was largely a magnetostrictive sensor replacement, able to form-fit-function replace these sensors in cylinders where longer stroke lengths (1m-3m) exposed the weaknesses of that technology. But we’ve moved so far beyond


Hydraulic Crane Manufacturers Need CPI Linear Position Sensors.

Simple cranes used in truck beds or simple lifting applications can use electric or diesel powered motors to deliver the required lifting force. Indeed many of these cranes use our waterproof limit switches for everything from anti-two-block prevention, to proximity sensors, to operator control panels. But it gets really interesting when you begin to talk about hydraulic cranes, especially those used in large construction or oil & gas applications where the forces involved are tremendous,


Now is the Time to Redesign Your Limit Switch Systems

Those of us who have been around for a while have developed a reflex when confronted with unexpected challenges in business: Find the opportunity in the challenge, and focus on it until better days arise. This is not to minimize the challenge or human cost of the global health crisis we are facing. But part of doing our part has to be preparing for a resurgence of pent up economic demand, and making sure we have


Pushing Past Coronavirus

As we begin our journey into the uncharted world of commerce during COVID -19, CPI like other companies, has hunkered down, for the safety of our employees, for the safety of our community, and for the health and continuation of our business in a way that is as close to “normal” as possible. CPI remains open for business. As a defense contractor we are designated an essential industry under the "Memorandum For Defense Industrial Base" from


Breaking News: Quality and Affordability no longer Mutually Exclusive

One of the most popular limit switches CPI ever introduced has to be our J4 series waterproof limit switch. A small marvel of engineering originally developed for the military, this switch comes in both a ball switch and a plunger switch variation that use essentially the same internal mechanism and materials. It was originally developed for military vehicles in a number of applications including neutral safety detection, hatch door alarm, cab down detection, outrigger


CPI Switches Work Hard on Work Trucks

The class of vehicles commonly known as “work trucks” have long been a primary market for CPI’s waterproof limit switches. There are a few main reasons for this:

  1. CPI Pre-wired waterproof dual switch panelReliability – The joy of saving a couple bucks by buying an offshore made limit switch, is quickly replaced by the frustration, expense, and potential lawsuits that can come from field failures of


Weatherproof Switch Panels for Work Trucks


Increasingly popular among work-truck manufacturers and builders are pre-built switch panels which make overall assembly more efficient, reliable, and faster. These panels are typically made for exterior vehicle control where they are exposed to the elements, high vibration, and a certain amount human abuse. Being the pre-eminent maker of waterproof switches in the world, it was a small evolution to take panel mount versions of our waterproof


Waterproof Safety Interlock Switches for Commercial Vehicles that Last

The last thing Commercial vehicle and work truck manufacturers want to hear about is how someone got hurt while using one of their vehicles. In addition to the liability concerns, it’s just not good for sales when word gets out that safety systems on your vehicle failed to protect the very workers your vehicles are designed to help. One critical safety application common to just about every commercial vehicle in existence is the idea of safety


2019 The Year In Review

As 2019 comes to a close, the team at CPI like many industrial businesses around the world, are inclined to review not only our own progress and well-being, but the progress of our industry (Electro-mechanical Switches and Sensors), related industries, and in some ways the progress of technology as a global whole.

Waterproof Switches

It might be easy to say that a proven technology like our waterproof switches really doesn’t change much year to year. You wouldn’t