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Mac Stuhler is the Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Control Products Inc.

When a Pendant is not Jewelry

The worlds most expensive pendant was made famous after the movie Titanic. In that movie actress Kate Winslet wore “the heart of the ocean” pendant which was a purely fictional creation. But after the popularity of the movie, world renown jeweler Harry Winston created an astonishing replica that raked in almost 20 million dollars at auction.

Despite the high cost of this pendant, we are told that they are not


On Being an Overnight Success…

Many of us have heard the story of someone who has achieved sudden notoriety for doing or inventing something spectacular. We call these people an “overnight success” because on day N-1 we never heard of them, but on day N, they are an ubiquitous presence.

Typically, when you talk to these folks, what you find out is that their success rarely happened overnight. Or even over the last weeks or months. In fact, when


CPI to Attend 2019 Offshore Technology Conference in Houston.

Since 1969, the offshore technology conference has been a place where professionals from the energy industry have gone to “meet to exchange ideas and opinions that advance scientific and technical knowledge for offshore resources”.  The show is a big one for the energy industry typically seeing over 60,000 energy professionals come through representing over 100 countries.

Subject matter at the conference is varied but has traditionally included topics dear to oil and gas exploration and refinement covering


Yes, Our Draw Wire Position Sensor Can Go inside Your Cylinder.

When CPI introduced its first harsh duty hydraulic cylinder linear position sensors over a decade ago, we designed them to be as compact as possible, primarily for installation into hydraulic cylinders. Some of our customers wanted them to work with existing hydraulic cylinders; some wanted the sensor mechanically tied to the piston somehow, but without placing the entire measurement mechanism inside the cylinder to make retrofit easier; others wanted


CPI Switches Solve Problems for Work Trucks

CPI switches continue to see broad acceptance across the work truck industry, for applications where manufacturers are just tired of dealing with switch failures or unreliability in the field. Work trucks have a few operational characteristics that make switch toughness and reliability a key consideration.

  1. Most work trucks operate continuously or at least for long hours every day, racking up wear and tear faster than other types of vehicles.
  2. Works


Hardened Switches, for Vehicle Safety

If you’re a piece of switching electronics then the hot, dirty, oily, always moving environment of a military vehicle transmission is not a place you’d prefer to find yourself. After all some of these transmissions are in constant aggressive use and the crankcases get hot enough to fry eggs on. Add to that the constant exposure to hot transmission oil up to 150F, and if you’re most switches, you’re probably dreaming of a nice visit


Liftgate Engineering for Work Trucks

Liftgate manufacturers need to contend with a great many variables as they seek to make their hydraulic lift assemblies operational on the widest possible variety of vehicles. Is it a pickup truck, straight truck, van, or trailer application being used? What are body widths? Will it be a swing up platform or a stowaway gate? What ground clearance and load must it support? Will it cantilever to support uneven ground? The list of considerations goes on


Make the Switch To CPI in 2019

For the team here at CPI it’s been an exciting 2018. After a long period where companies large and small were discouraging capital investment, its safe to say that the military-industrial complex had largely recovered by 2018. We saw renewed investments in product development and design, and increased willingness by manufacturers of industrial equipment, to upgrade and expand their product offerings. As a supplier of premier waterproof switches and unique linear position sensors, the


Looking at Electromechanical Endurance

A common reliability acronym that applies to all types of components and subassemblies is MTBF, Mean Time Between Failure. If you’re an engineer concerned about the reliability of your switch in a hostile, demanding operational environment, then you’re worried about a type of rating called electromechanical endurance (EE). Electromechanical endurance is usually defined in terms of how many switching operations can be performed under certain conditions before failure. These numbers are affected by a number of parameters


When Part Obsolescence = Engineering Opportunity

Engineers and procurement specialists at companies large and small deal with the challenge of part and product obsolescence each and every day. Typically it goes something like this: A subcontractor who make one or more critical parts for a larger machine or system, has gone belly up. The system is still deployed in the field and the cost and logistics of replacing it makes this option a complete non-starter. So when the sub-component breaks, spares become