About Mac Stuhler

Mac Stuhler is the Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Control Products Inc.

Panel Mounted Switches Save You Time and Money

While most manufacturers are familiar with our line of waterproof switches, and the hundreds of part numbers in our waterproof limit switch line, many don’t realize that our switches can be specified in a subassembly, ie a stainless steel panel, custom built for your form factor requirements and ready to mount in your application.

CPI Waterproof switches offer massive flexibility

Of course then there are a boatload of electrical, temperature, endurance, and ergonomic options you can specify for


When Sensors Make no Sense

Thermal switches were originally designed to be reliable, standalone, systems that encompassed both a sensing element, and a switch. At a chosen set-point these thermocouple devices would reliably close or open a contact allowing for critical systems to be protected or activated. They were very accurate, could detect at very high temperatures, could handle a good amount of current in their switches, and did not require intervention by operators or other control computers or


Long Stroke Draw Wire Hydraulic Position Sensor Overview

Its interesting to look at sensor manufacturer’s talk about the “long stroke” version of their hydraulic position sensors. They go on about how their amazing sensors can actually operate on stroke lengths of up to 1.2 meters in some cases! These sensors constitute a variety of technologies, from magnetostrictive to microwave and are billed as highly reliable solutions to a variety of “long stroke” applications. Wow. At CPI, our definition of Long Stroke is a bit different. 


Hardened Electro-Mechanical Switches for Military Vehicle Applications

For over 70 years, CPI has been providing thermal and waterproof switches to the military & law enforcement industries in a wide variety of applications. There are a few major reasons the military comes to us for their toughest switch applications.

  • All CPI switch products are designed for extreme durability, are waterproof, and have extreme electro-mechanical endurance ratings.
  • All CPI switches are made in the USA
  • Our switches meet or exceed MS 39058, MIL-STD-202, MIL-F-13927,


University of Waterloo “WATSUB” Revisited

Every year, the International Submarine Races are hosted by the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division. This is one of the largest model ship testing facilities in North America and engineering teams from all over the world compete to see who can  design, build and race a human-powered sub in an underwater course for awards in various categories. CPI has long


CPI Helps Tugboats in Harsh Duty Environments

There are many kinds of workboats in the world from fishing boats, to ferry's, to cargo loaders, dredging boats, fire fighting boats, you name it. But in all these, the ubiquitous Tugboat surely holds a special place. We spend a lot of time here at CPI talking about "harsh duty environments" and how our waterproof pendant switches are unique in the world for their ability to address this market. Perhaps one of the very best


Operator Presence Detection in Skid Steer Loaders

Manufacturer’s of Skid steer loaders know that versatility and small size make these some of the most common pieces of equipment on the jobsite. They also know that operators will take these machines to the limit and so safety protocols and sensors are key to avoiding accidental property damage, unwanted downtime, or even serious personal injury to the operator. In addition to seat belts and roll protection, most loaders feature seat bars or operator presence detection


When a Pendant is not Jewelry

The worlds most expensive pendant was made famous after the movie Titanic. In that movie actress Kate Winslet wore “the heart of the ocean” pendant which was a purely fictional creation. But after the popularity of the movie, world renown jeweler Harry Winston created an astonishing replica that raked in almost 20 million dollars at auction.

Despite the high cost of this pendant, we are told that they are not


On Being an Overnight Success…

Many of us have heard the story of someone who has achieved sudden notoriety for doing or inventing something spectacular. We call these people an “overnight success” because on day N-1 we never heard of them, but on day N, they are an ubiquitous presence.

Typically, when you talk to these folks, what you find out is that their success rarely happened overnight. Or even over the last weeks or months. In fact, when


CPI to Attend 2019 Offshore Technology Conference in Houston.

Since 1969, the offshore technology conference has been a place where professionals from the energy industry have gone to “meet to exchange ideas and opinions that advance scientific and technical knowledge for offshore resources”.  The show is a big one for the energy industry typically seeing over 60,000 energy professionals come through representing over 100 countries.

Subject matter at the conference is varied but has traditionally included topics dear to oil and gas exploration and refinement covering