Valve Position Sensing for Mission Critical Flow Applications.

Systems like municipal water supplies, sewage treatment plants, massive cooling and lubrication systems used in chemical, petrochemical, and the oil and gas industry, all share one thing in common: large flow valves that are critically opened and closed by computer controls to insure proper system


Reinventing Draw Wire Sensors Part 1 – Mechanical Revolution

We have to look at the CPI sensor as having two subsystems:  1.) The mechanical draw-wire mechanism which reduces the long travel of the draw wire to a highly accurate, directly proportional short stroke, and 2.) the electronics that very accurately track and transduce the


A New Angle On Linear Position Sensing

Those of you following our blog for the last few years, already know a few things about our linear position sensor products:

  1. They are based on a sophisticated re-implementation of the draw-wire class of linear position measurement systems, proven in thousands of applications over