Hi-Endurance Switching, Sensing
& Linear Position Sensors

Aerospace & Military Industries

Whether for flight or for ground programs, we offer a variety of products that have been qualifie

d to the demanding requirements of the aerospace and military industries.

CPI has supplied reliable thermal switching solutions to various major aircraft manufacturers worldwide for applications in ECS, 

Phalanx System with CPI Thermal Switch
The Navy’s Phalanx Anti-Missile System

APUs, compressors, galley equipment, and many more. Our most common aerospace designs have been qualified per RTCA DO-160C and MIL-STD-810.

Due to their compact size and low profile, our Waterproof Momentary Switches are a popular choice for push-to-talk (PTT), laser sighting, and field night vision applications. These same switches mounted in our robust bracket & actuator designs have provided solutions for tank turrets (M1 Abrams), engine kickdown (HMMWV), and various limit switch applications for the HMET programs. Our most demanding application yet, cab position indication for the LTAS chassis, employs our J4 Plunger Switch capable of withstanding high vibration. These units still function with the plunger encased in hardened sand and/or ice.

General Product Features
Thermal Switches

  • Hermetically sealed designs available
  • Glass-sealed MIL connectors
  • Setpoints available from 0F to 1750F (depending on model)
  • Thread and surface mount designs
  • Various probe lengths
  • Meet the requirements of RTCA DO-160C

Waterproof Switches (for ground applications only)

  • Completely waterproof – rated to IP68 / MIL-STD-810
  • Hardened stainless steel actuators (J4 Plunger Sw.)
  • Cold temperature rating down to -61F (Neoprene covered switches)
  • Electromechanical endurance over 5 million cycles
  • Various actuator and mounting configurations

Customizations Available

  • Custom wire lengths
  • Sealed terminations include MIL-compliant connectors
  • Wire harnessing and abrasion protection
  • Customized mounting / actuators

Our Most Popular Products for Aerospace & Military Industries

Thermal switches for Aerospace & Military Applications
Thermal Switch M Series
Plunger Switch for Military Applications
Plunger Switch J4 Series
Waterproof pushbutton switch for military applications
Limit & Pushbutton Switches E1 & D1 Series

Aerospace / Military Applications Include:

  • APU Overtemperature Switch
  • Avionics Over Heat
  • Cab Down Sensor
  • ECS Bleed Air
  • Engine Fan Control
  • Engine Fire Detector Switch
  • Engine Kick Down
  • Engine Oil Overtemperature Switch
  • Fire Detection
  • Galley Equipt Temperature Control
  • Gun Firing Control
  • Hatch Switch
  • Hydraulics Overtemp
  • Laser Sighting Switch
  • Military Switches
  • Push-to-Talk PTT Switch
  • Smoke Generator Temp Control
  • Weapon Light Switch
  • Window Defrost

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