Linear Position Sensors Using LVDT Technology

What if you could simply plug a sensor into virtually any cylinder with little or no modification? 



LVDT linear position sensor installation

  • No gun drilling is required
  • One part for all stroke lengths
  • Can be used in telescoping cylinders and piston accumulators 
  • Field retrofittable for rod-type sensors with no modifications (see more)
  • Robust to shock & vibration where rod-type sensors do not survive
  • Will operate in high temperatures (300F) where rod-type sensors do not

Now, SL Series Sensors are available as drop-in replacements to rod-type (magnetostrictive) sensors and will continue to operate flawlessly in harsh environments where rod-type sensors fail.  Field retrofit to existing cylinders is also possible.


These units are also ideal for sensing the piston position in hydraulic accumulators, and do not require extensive design modifications.  Applications have also driven the creation of special external sensors for harsh environments where other technologies such as string pots will not hold up. 

A single part number will cover all stroke lengths within the sensor capability (e.g. 120" for SL1200). Contact the factory for longer stroke requirements. 

CPI's SL Series Linear Position Sensors provide reliable and accurate position sensing in virtually any hydraulic cylinder -- including telescoping models, with no core drilling of the rod and no limit to cylinder bore size. These sensors are also ideal for piston accumulators and can be mounted on the gas or oil side.

Internal Mount Sensor

Straight-forward flange mount allows for easy installation of this highly integrated sensor. Again, no gun drilling required, highly immune to shock and vibration, one sensor for any stroke length up to 120". Please consult factory for longer stroke lengths.

Magnetostrictive Sensor Direct Replacement

Where a rod-type magnetostrictive sensor fails, this product is a drop-in replacement. A single part number covers all stroke lengths up to 120”. A patented self-locking cable connector installs into the gun-drilled rod and the flexible conduit screws into the existing sensor port (typically 18mm or #8 SAE O ring port), facilitating field replacement of rod-type sensors.

Long Stroke Sensors

The natural extension for CPI's SL Series linear position sensors has always been to increase the sensing range. Enter the SL1300, which is capable of stroke lengths to 23 feet, utilizing the same SL Series non-contacting technology. Beefed-up stainless steel construction, including a robust braided cable make this extensometer ideal for demanding applications where long life is required in a harsh environment. As with all SL Series position transducer sensors, high shock and vibration immunity come standard, and there is no core drilling of the piston rod in hydraulic cylinder sensors and applications.

Sensors for Harsh Environments

CPI SL Series linear position sensors can now be deployed in extremely harsh environments. Operating in temperatures up to 300F and pressures to 8,000 psi, these extreme sensors bring position sensing to applications where it was not previously possible. Comprised of stainless steel components and a proprietary combination of engineered materials allows for operation in a diverse variety of fluids / environments, including water-based hydraulic fluid. As with all SL Series linear displacement sensors, high shock and vibration immunity come standard, and there is no core drilling of the piston rod in hydraulic cylinder sensors and applications.